Barium sulfate

Chemical formula: BaSO4.

Synonym: Barium sulfuric acid, Sulfuric acid barium salt.

Packing: 25 kg bag.
Manufacturer: China.
Price: negotiable

Appearance of barium sulfate – is a white crystalline powder or substance poorly soluble in water and other solvents, generally not soluble in alkalis and acids.
You can dissolve barium sulfate in bleach, hydrobromic, hydroiodic acid and solutions of alkali metal hydrocarbons.
In nature, sulfuric acid barium can be found in the form of barite mineral, which is the main barium ore.


Name Indicator Norma
Appearance White crystalline powder
Cleanliness,%, not less than 98,0
pH 6.5-8
Solubility,%, not more than 0,3
Mass fraction of iron,%, not more than 0,006
Linen (MgO – 100%),%, not less than 95
Absorption of oil,% 15-18
Salt residue (0,045um),%, not more than 0,1
Humidity,%, not more than 0,2


Barium sulfate is one of the constituents of mixtures used as white pigments for paints and whitewashes.
Sulfuric acid barium is not a toxic substance to the body, unlike all soluble barium salts, which is why it is possible to use it as an X-ray contrast agent.
In analytical chemistry, barium sulfate is used as a good gravimetric form for the determination of sulfate ions and barium ions in gravimetric analysis.

Barium sulphate is also used for all kinds of industrial purposes, such as:

as a filler for photo and paper, for linoleum and for some lacquer-paint materials (barbecue).
as a white filler for plastics, as well as a component of drilling fluids to increase their density.
in the electrochemical industry when manufacturing lead accumulators as an expander of the active mass of negative plates.
at the manufacture of paste for etching glass.
in the production of some refractory materials.
Barium sulfate due to its low solubility in water is not toxic to the body, unlike all soluble barium salts, and therefore its use as an X-ray contrast agent.

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